What better way to celebrate Valentine’s day than to get bombarded with slices of bread and soaked by a water gun?

One of Dublin’s most entertaining live performers took to the stage upstairs in Whelans, creating a sensation not only with his inspirational musical arrangements but also with his fetching blue sunglasses. Things got crazy when Robotnik wielded his flashnight like a hillbilly at a badly-lit barn dance, illuminating random men while singing “Lazy Boy” .


We all know that Pat the Baker beats Brennans hands down, but it sounded even more alluring when it had an entire song dedicated to it. Twisting the traditional slogan of “Pat the Baker, so fresh it’s famous” into something far far cooler, while throwing sliced pan at the audience, Robotnik created quite a stir, although this was nothing compared to the reaction he got when he pulled out his water gun.

Check out the Pat the Baker video below, it’s fantastic!


One Comment on “Robotnik”

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