Drop the Lime at Transmission

Drop the Lime kept everyone in Transmission dancing last night with his crazy mixes. Hailing from NYC, gold-toothed and covered in tattoos, Drop the Lime, aka Luca Venezia, paid a visit to the Button Factory as part of his European tour.

Founder of the NYC based ‘Trouble & Bass’ crew – a tight group of DJ and producer friends that run the highly influential club night and label of the same name – his influences range from Brian Eno to Rockabilly (he’s well known for his 50’s doo wop and soul sets) to Sonic Youth to Wu Tang and beyond.

Drop the Lime was also one of the select few to be given a main room residency at London superclub Fabric, who offered him the spot after spotting his potential after visiting Trouble & Bass in New York. Watch out for his new album, which is due to be released this summer.










The Dirty Plimsolls Indie room 

p2220134Dave Salacious looking irresistibly pouty…work it!


One Comment on “Drop the Lime at Transmission”

  1. Salacious says:


    Well, u didn’t even try to catch my good side!

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