TEPR at Transmission



TEPR played to a packed crowd at Transmission on Saturday. Tanguy Destable, the rather attractive man behind Tepr, brought an irresistible blend of French electro to our beloved Button Factory. Tepr has been having a successful time of it lately, with 2008 seeing him doing remixes for the likes of Yelle, Santogold, Calvin Harris, The Teenagers and Missill.  


His first musical influences came from his sister’s record collection, which was mostly comprised of 80s pop of the Bananarama variety. Fast forward a decade, when Daft Punk broke onto the scene, Destable became converted to electronic music and begun to create music and remixes of his own.


Tepr’s first solo album, The Deadly Master of Rappers From Hell was recorded in 2002, and was a fusion of electronica, hip-hop beats and post-rock visions. Never ceasing in his quest for a fresh sound, he began to integrate various elements from hip-hop and crunk, trance, german techno, synthpop, early 80’s funk, and a whole host of other genres which are way out of my personal knowledge base (reggaeton, anyone?). At the end of 2005, he released Côte Ouest, followed by En Direct De La Côte six months later.


Tepr est formidable– regardez la vidéo ci-dessous!




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