Stitch n Bitch at Jo’Burger

Knitting and burgers: it may seem like a rather unlikely combination but the new Stitch n Bitch night at Jo’Burger in Blackrock combines this peculiar duo perfectly. Relax in the laid-back surroundings of the bar, or pop upstairs for a fabulous burger in the restaurant, before getting down to some serious needlework. Find some wool, steal some knitting needles from your granny and try your hand at knitting something exciting. Stitch n Bitch takes place in the bar, it’s very informal, completely free, and you’ll be able to locate the group by the balls of wool and assorted knitters. Being able to knit is not a pre-requisite – there’s always someone around if you need help. Overly encouraged by the delicious burgers, pleasant company, and, let’s face it, half a bottle of wine, I ended up knitting a rather hairy green woollen beard. Good clean fun, with a beardy twist.


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