Temple Bar Circus Festival

Ever wanted to see a flying hula hoop act performed on an unnervingly high trapeze? Or follow a nine foot tall Victorian gent in a top-hat through the streets of Templebar? Or simply see what happens when you give two reckless men a gigantic cannon? You can do all this, at absolutely no cost whatsoever, at the frankly fantastic Templebar Circus festival this weekend. There’s face-painting and art workshops for the kids and a variety of classes for all ages guaranteed to imbue you with some seriously impressive circus skills. If unleashing your inner acrobat seems a little daunting, never fear, there’s plenty of amusement for spectators on offer. Marvel at the exploits of the fire-eating Moustacha and his trusty camel, Pamela, witness the bizarre contortions of the Pitt siblings, then stroll along to Meeting House Square to catch the free carnival-themed films being shown in the evenings. Unmissable. The Temple Bar Circus festival runs from the 9th to the 12th July, and and it’s all absolutely FREE!

Click here to download the programme.


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