Dublin Fringe Festival


red lola


Alas, the Fringe Festival is nearly over, so we at Inky Wrists decided that we’d amuse ourselves by picking out our favourite bits from the festival. We’ve shamelessly stolen the descriptions from the Fringe Festival brochure, but since they’re so entertaining (especially the Cirque de Legume one), it seemed a sacrilage to mess with them…


Red Lola

Company: Asylum Productions

Venue: Mill Street Studios

Red Riding Hood meets Lolita, via South Park and Freud. Once upon a twisted time, Lola left her grandma’s house and wandered off the path… Lola’s not a little girl anymore. Lola lives in a land where children are sexualised, schoolgirls fetishised and every male stranger a potential predator. Performed entirely backwards, Red Lola is a surreal, darkly comic journey into the realm of the subconscious.



Ann and Barry: What Kind of Time Do You Call This?

Company: Talking Shop Ensemble

Venue: NCAD

‘Ann likes cakes. Barry likes jam’… ‘Ann likes coke. Barry likes birds.’ New words we learned today: coke and birds. As middle-class suburbia spirals towards excess, our childhood friends, Ann and Barry, struggle to find the point of it all. Flit between past and present in a fusion of drama, dark comedy, music and dance on a trip through the NCAD campus. A searing dissection of contemporary Irish culture continuously begs the question, ‘just what kind of time do you call this?’



The Cirque de Legume

Company: The Cirque de Legume

Venue: Filmbase

Quite simply the Greatest Vegetable Circus on Earth! In this piece of comic absurd theatre we meet Mister and Missus, two genius performers who find a hidden beauty in cast-off vegetables from which they make a wonderful show full of excitement, danger and sensuality! Marvel at the Veget-animal! Gape at the Magical Carrot! Enthrall at the Leek of Power! Fantasize over the Onion Strip Tease! The Cirque de Legume shows us how beautiful life can be if we only stop to play with it. You’ll never look at an onion the same way again.



Victor and Gord CUBED

Company: Una McKevitt

Venue: Project Arts Centre Cube

You know those friends you grew up with? Went to school with? Laughed, cried, partied and pulled with? D’you ever wonder sometimes, if they’d ever just F*uck off? Real Life friends Vickey and Aine, aka Victor and Gord, have only one thing in common, each other. Sneaky cans. Sneaky fags. Free love. It was Ballinclea Heights. It was Killiney. Victor and Gord CUBED is a funny and moving theatrical celebration of friends and family featuring two additional real life relationships, including a brother and a sister. Victor and Gord CUBED. Real Lives. Told by the people who live them.




Company: THEATREclub

Venue: Players Theatre

Love does a tab of acid and tells us everyone lies. Slip the tongue; too much fast food. Avoid mentioning dips in mood. You’re a slut, but hey, you’re young. FUCK POSTMODERN. FUCK POPULAR CULTURE. FUCK TALKING ABOUT IT. FUCK ANYONE YOU LIKE. Rough is epic. It’s an epic about creating epic, living epic, being epic. It sounds like electro, tastes like cigarettes, feels like cold concrete under bare feet and sees this town with filthy eyes.




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