Autumn Trends-Hair

Ballerina Buns- Great for day and simple to create , this elegant and preppy style was seen in shows from Michael Kors (sleek and neat) to Erdem ( messy, large and high on the head).


Kirby Grip Overload – mmm maybe not such a good idea, but the odd strategically placed trio of grips a la Diane Kruger can actually look quite retro chic and  is a more subtle nod to this trend seen at Carolina Herrera and Dior.


Embellishments- YAY! I’m glad to see hair bands, feathers and head wraps are still very much in.My personal fave is hair piled high and fastened in place with the enviable Louis Vuitton gobstopper hair pin.


And for our Inky Wrist men.. apparently the fringe is still going strong whether it’s neat, swept to one side or messy and uneven. Another hot trend is the slick backed hairstyle inspired by the golden era of Hollywood and seen at Jil Sander.



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