Another new club night… Toxic Tuesdays

toxic tues

The newest student night to emerge in Dublin, Toxic Tuesdays is launching on the 22nd September in Base Bar on Wicklow St, to coincide with the back-to-college boom in nights out. With the arrival of another weekly club night aimed at students, it looks like poor old Trashed has yet another competitor to deal with apart from Citibar. Thanks to its formerly “Twisted Tuesdays”  but now just “Tuesdays” (following some particularly vitriolic complaints that the hordes of drunk people swarming around Citibar was single-handedly destroying Dame St), Citibar has had a bit of a stranglehold over the Tuesday market ever since it pioneered the now legendary €2 drinks. Admittedly, if you’re off to Citibar, you’re probably not looking for quality music or a relaxing environment. At the risk of repeating myself, the drink, however, is staggeringly cheap and it’s this that draws the crowds. If you’re the shy and retiring type, please do yourself a favour and give it a miss – the degree of groping that you’ll encounter on that dancefloor is, frankly, a little bit disturbing. I don’t think that this problem really applies to men though, so if you’re a guy, heterosexual, enjoy RnB, and like drinking and scantily dressed ladies, I’d definitely say go for it.

So there you go, Toxic Tuesday’s most threatening competition. I’m curious to see how popular the new night will turn out, it seems to have copped on that most students are really only interested in how cheap the drink is and they appear to have some good offers, with shots and bottles from €2 and all pints priced at an equally decent €3.50. Chances are though, it’ll end up being exclusively a student night, with neither the wider appeal of Citbar nor the quality of music that you’ll find in Trashed.  Still, if you’re curious, check out the launch night. It’s €5 in with a wristband and €7 without. I’m not exactly sure how you go about getting one of these elusive wristbands, but they’re on facebook, so if you drop them a message I’m sure they’d be happy to oblige…


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