Black Day in Blackrock – R.I.P. Jo’Burger



We’re in mourning. The Blackrock branch of Jo’Burger has closed down. We heard the rumours, but we didn’t believe them. Then, yesterday, we saw it for ourselves. Closed. We’re devastated.

We last popped into in the Blackrock branch sometime in May, when they were starting up a Stitch n’ Bitch night, and we went along to check it out. We thought we’d died and gone to heaven when we saw that the menus were made out of old comic book annuals (we’ve always enjoyed a bit of sneaky Beano reading), but the burgers themselves were utterly fabulous, and very generously proportioned. The knitting circle was right by the entrance, beside the bar, and seemed to consist of a particularly cool group of people, some with amazingly multi-coloured knitting needles. We were given knitting needles and wool and basically just sat around chatting and knitting – which was strangely theraputic.

Both of us got a bit over-enthusiastic with the knitting, and went for it in an excessively eager manner, with no idea of what we were aiming to knit. An hour or so later, befuddled with the wine, we decided that beards were the way to go. To cement our descent into hysteria we ended up, er, wearing them. I think we even wore them on the Dart home. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but on retrospect, it probably wasn’t. Fun times.

We’re planning on heading down to the remaining branch in Rathmines very soon to get our Jo’Burger  fix.  Maybe we’ll even wear our beards, for old time’s sake.


One Comment on “Black Day in Blackrock – R.I.P. Jo’Burger”

  1. Dave Molloy says:

    Hey, if it saves the whole chain from going under, it’s a good thing. The company as a whole is in examinership, meaning they’re on the brink.

    One can only hope that this is part of the recovery plan, and not the first sign of things to come.

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