Poor us…

24.9.09 040

After our night of excess (see below for more details) we realised that we were seriously broke. After much denial ( it took three ATMs and a bank person to tell me I was overdrawn and couldn’t take out any more) we took it on board that we were fecked. But being the types to look on the bright side of things we tried to make the experience of it FUN!! So can you live for 2 days with only €6 between the the two of us and only teabags and slightly gone-off milk in the kitchen? We decided to find out.



STARVING and coated in day old glitter is not a good start, but it’s freshers week and the stalls are full of free food. The downside is that you have to sign up to the societies and pay a fee to get this free food, however the freshers packs proved lifesavers, we got Pot Noodle (yucky but we cant be picky here!), exciting condoms and chewing gum…


They’re giving out free pizza, but the crowd of people around the stand is so large that we can’t get near it. Pizza is being torn apart and is being smeared all over the frenzied crowd (who, to be honest, don’t look as broke as we do). We give up when we see someone with melted cheese all over their back. Not worth it.


Get free can of Pepsi Max and a stale croissant. Find a packet of Doritos and some lollipops, which we save for later.


No more food to be had from Fresher’s Week, all the supplies seem to have run out. We try everywhere, but no luck. We’re on our own now.


We go to Fallon and Byrne to eat the free samples of bread, until the staff begin to give us dirty looks. We then headed over to Sheridans where we managed to get two slivers of cheese. Dinner sorted.


There’s a free wine reception after a debate at the Phil. We strategically place ourselves next to the alcohol. We get through a surprisingly large amount of it.


Out now. It’s Arthur’s night and the town is mental. Any hopes that we might find free Guinness vanish totally when we see the mental crowds that are spilling out of every pub in the city centre. We go to the Turks Head, since someone from the Phil put us on the guestlist. Beggars can’t be choosers.


The lack of food has completely reduced our capacity to party and as we can’t even afford a drink, we end up going home incredibly early. We contemplate popping into Muzik, but the queues outside are unbelievable – there must have been over 300 people milling around outside. We just go home, fantasising about Rick’s burgers. It nearly makes us cry.



No breakfast for us, but luckily we’re feeling a bit sick after the free wine yesterday, so we don’t really want any.


We crack, and spend our €6 on lunch as we were beginning to feel faint. Only seven and a half hours to go til we can get a lift back home.


We’re sitting on a bench, eating the lollipops that we nicked yesterday, and watching the pigeons that are milling around on the grass. Two of them are sunbathing, and another two are having a major fight. It’s nearly as good as the cinema.


Bored now. We’re literally counting down the minutes until we can go home. My phone’s run out of credit and I don’t even have any free messages left.


It’s Culture Night, but we notice that noone is offering a free dinner. We over-compensate by taking advantage of the free drinks instead.


It’s OVER!!!!  Still no credit or money, but at least we’ll be able to have some food. Being broke in Dublin wasn’t fun, no matter how optimistic we were. We spent most of our time trying to find food, which got a bit depressing after a while (you know it’s bad when you’re relying on the stale bread samples in Carluccio’s), and seriously hindered our ability to do anything else. All in all, Dublin + no money = sad time.


2 Comments on “Poor us…”

  1. Dave Molloy says:


    While this is interesting and kind of funny, I enjoyed the pun in the headline most. I may need to get out more.

  2. […] the company that brings us pot noodle – a product they like to get into the hands of students during freshers week and get them hooked on slobby […]

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