Heartsrevolution @ NoDisko


Maybe we’ve been living on a different planet to everyone else, but we only just found out that Heartsrevolution are playing at NoDisko at the Academy tonight. We both almost had excitement-generated heart attacks when we found out. They’ve played in Dublin before – we saw them last year in the Button Factory as part of the Kitsune tour – Lo spent most of the evening asleep on one of the backstage sofas, we were too in awe of her to even try to talk to her and instead worked our way through their supply of lollipops that they’d brought with them. Check out her crazy eye make-up, she’s the coolest person ever… and their music’s even better.


One Comment on “Heartsrevolution @ NoDisko”

  1. NoDisko says:

    Nice Blog Love the passion !
    The guys were Awesome onstage last night!
    Hope you made it down,We are all hitting the button factory tonight!



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