Topshop Student Shop


We love this time of year. As if the Urban Outfitters’ student night wasn’t enough (see post below), there’s also the annual Topshop student shop on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th October (7pm-10pm), which gives us another excuse to spend money that we don’t have on a variety of sequinned, studded and feathered clothing. There will be the obligatory instore DJs, 20% off all merchandise, and goodie bags. We’re just wondering what’s going to be in this year’s ones… last year it was a neon-blue heart-shaped plastic purse and a minature bottle of water, the year before that it was a pair of royal blue mittens connected with a string and, you guessed it, a minature bottle of water. The first year that they ran the student nights they served Red Bull and champagne cocktails, which they’ve since discontinued. It’s a pity – shopping and drinking really is a magical combination – I have fond memories of laughing hysterically in a changing room dressed in a kaftan, which I subsequently bought and never wore. Good times.


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