Ozzy Osbourne and Bertie Ahern Book Signing

Sexy Bertie

Oh yes, you read the headline right. The Dublin bookshops have sandwiched the two most unlikely candidates together to sign copies of their books on Saturday, in what was either an inspired publicity stunt or a timetabling disaster. However, personally I think it provides the perfect opportunity to stalk either/or the Ex-Taoiseach or Heavy Metal Legend, depending on your preference. At Inky Wrists, we’re planning on following both… although it’s quite unlikely that either of us are going to end up buying “I Am Ozzy”, and we’re hoping we’ll be able to resist the attraction of “Bertie Ahern: An Autobiography”. Still, financial embarrassment aside, the possibilities for a day with both Bertie and Ozzy are endless. Who knows, maybe they’re secretly best friends and have been planning the Dublin overlap and coinciding autobiography releases for months… there’s only one way to find out (apart from actually reading said autobiographies, that is)… and that’s to join us in our Ozzy/Bertie fan trail. We’ve provided a list of venues and times, the exact order in which you want to approach this is entirely up to you…

First up,  Eason’s on O’Connell St. Ozzy will be signing there at 11am, Bertie is scheduled to put in an appearance at 3pm. This seems to be the real battleground, as they’ll actually be going head to head – the Irish Indo were having some fun speculating about who was going to come out tops, read the article here.

The other bookstore to engage in a little double-booking was Hughes and Hughes, but they’ve strategically side-stepped the issue by putting Ozzy Osbourne in the Hughes and Hughes in St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre (he’ll be signing at 3pm), whereas Bertie will be on at 11am in Hughes and Hughes Santry.

For those of you who have been following this post carefully, you might have noticed that both sets of signings are on at 11am and 3pm respectively, so it is “technically” impossible to attend all four. However, a little strategic thinking may offer ways round this, as long as you make your plans carefully. If you’re early for one and late for the other, it is still technically doable. If anyone is able to provide photographic evidence of attending all four signings, we’ll give you a handmade collage depicting Bertie and Ozzy in a variety of different poses. Who could resist that?


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