Inky Wrists Undercover…American Apparel

aa dress

Yes, yes we know its been around for a while now, but we decided it really had to be now or never to do a special undercover sneaky inky look at the lycra/jersey/shiny superstore. Here’s what happened and what we thought….

Sleepy and feeling worse for wear after a dodgy breakfast smoothie from Nude we stumbled into AA in search of our clingy fix. First up we were hit by some fantastic tight scoop neck dresses and sweet gingham skirts with matching shirts, also we liked the shop assistant with flowers in her hair around that section…So far, so good!

Up a few steps and into heaven!! Here’s where the excitment really began. There really was so much to look at and so many reflective fabrics we could hardly take it all in! Where to begin? Ruched bodysuits in polka dots and sheer t-shirts as well as Le Sac dresses and mini skirts were all favourites of Inkywrists. Oh and the underwear too!

Then up the escalator to more sporty/gym wear; swimsuits (yes they were gold and lamé), mini shorts and every type of  t-shirt you could ever dream of. There was also a great section of vintage clothes, leather shoes, and checked shirts.

Another escalator brings you to menswear. Think all of the above but for men and some great hoodies too. There are also more changing rooms on this level which everyone can use. And then there was the super lovely manager …


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