Old City, New Dreams


dublin night

If you like drinking and arguing, then Jesus, you’re going to love this. This week sees the return of The Dubliner’s biennual week of debates, Old City, New Dreams. There’ll be a delightfully diverse range of events, all of which we’ve thoughtfully listed for you below. Not only are the events themselves free, (you just need to rsvp to the magazine in advance, as tickets are allocated on a first come, first served basis) but as well as that, they’ll be serving up free pints of Guinness during the talks! Here’s what’s happening… 

Dubliners: Who Do We Think We Are? Tuesday 13th October, 6.30pm, The Stags Head, 1 Dame Court, Dublin 2. A candid discussion of the unique character of Dubliners and the influences that have shaped us. Hear some funny recollections and a few shocking truths about your home town in a lively debate.

Funny Old Town Tuesday 13th October, 7.30pm, Whelans, 25 Wexford Street, Dublin 2.  Abie Philbin Bowman follows his sellout run in Edinburgh by assembling a motley crew of comedians – a Dub, a culchie and a foreigner – to give a select audience their take on capital life. Featuring Simon O’Keefe (MC of the Capital Comedy Club), Carol Tobin (Sunday Independent) and Damian Clarke (the Comedy Shed and RTÉ’s I Dare Ya).

Stories & Pub Games With Chaos Thaoghaire  Wednesday 14th October, 6.30pm, Odessa Club, 13 Dame Court, Dublin 2. 670 3080, odessaclub.ie A special event launching Odessa Club’s new anarchic night of storytelling, posturing, judge-bribing and cursing. (It’s pronounced like “chaos theory” – geddit?) Guest speakers will entertain while you enjoy a selection of Dublin’s most unique pub games and quizzes. Prizes will be won – followed by drinks for all. It’s the way Wednesday nights should be. Cheating is encouraged.

Food Fight: What’s Happening To Dublin’s Food? Wednesday 14th October, 7.30pm, The Odeon Bar, 57 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2. Dublin’s most outspoken chefs and critics face the audience as we debate the changes in the way we consume and produce food here. Are Dubliners addicted to fast food? Can Dubliners cook? Why is Richard Corrigan so grumpy? All these questions and more will be digested by the panel.

The Future Of The Irish Media Thursday 15th October, 6.30pm, Toners, 139 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2.  Toners Bar – a longtime drinking den for Dublin hacks – hosts a lively discussion on the future of the independent Irish media and creative industry, and its relevancy to Dubliners today. Does Irish opinion count any more? Well, it does here. Bring along your opinions and join in the debate over a pint.

Fluffy Capitalism: Can Big Business Save The World? Thursday 15th October, 7.30pm, the Stags Head, 1 Dame Court, Dublin 2. The arts, medical research and any number of other causes across Dublin are crying out for funding. Could a new age of investment from big business be the answer? Representatives from some of Ireland’s leading companies and Dublin’s most outspoken commentators discuss where capitalism goes from here.

Has Dublin Lost Its Voice? Friday 16th October, 6.30pm, Anseo, 18 Camden Street, Dublin 2. A panel debate on the state of Dublin’s music scene, its future and the impact musicians have made on the city as a whole. Featuring guests from Dublin bands, old and new.

The Dubliner Disco Friday 16th October, 7.30pm, Anseo, 18 Camden Street, Dublin 2.  A rousing end to Old City, New Dreams. We invite you to celebrate our city in the best way possible. A selection of DJs and musicians will play us out with their favourite True Blue Dub tracks. A chance to enjoy the music that has been the soundtrack to our city.


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