Hassle Merchants

hassle merchants

After watching Ambience Affair in Andrews Lane Theatre, we lured Hassle Merchants into our kitchen for some biscuits (pink and oversized was their preference) and a bit of a chat.  Hassle Merchants are a band which is still fairly green. They haven’t released any music to date but they are known for their energetic live sets. Full of energy and good craic  its impossible not to like these guys. Here’s some highlights from the interview!

Q: So any plans to record some songs?

Yeah, we’re hoping to release an EP soon, maybe in December, we’re going to go into recording soon.

Q:If you pick any one famous person to play in your band who’d it be?

Gandhi! He wouldn’t play anything, but he’d just stand there. It’d be deadly.

Q: What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

It would probably be Knockanstockan, some of our mate organized it, it was a good laugh.

With that, we went our separate way, Hassle Merchants to go and see the Villagers, complete with a giant 3 litre Tesco bottle of cider, and us to Twisted Pepper to catch up with Neosupervital and Tallulah does the Hula.


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