Q&A with Land Lovers

land lovers

Playing on Saturday in the Button Factory for HWCH, here’s a few questions that we asked the band…

How did the Land Lovers get together?

I met Ciaran (guitars/jango) on the George Bush visit to Ireland. We were both staffing that event. It was a dream for both of us as we shared extreme right-wing sentiments at the time. Anyway, I had begun working on an album at home with a view to releasing it under some name or other and then putting a band together to play the songs. I stayed in touch with Ciaran and when the album was done, he was the first to join me. Soon after, Brian (drums) and Rob (bass) answered an ad that we posted on the Libertas forum, and we started playing gigs. Cormac (synth) was an early fan who we eventually signed up on the understanding that he’d add some much-needed boyish charm to the band.

What is your favourite biscuit?

I’m off biscuits at the moment, which is really difficult. Centra do a great line of orange chocolate chip cookies. I wish I was eating one right now.

Tell us about some of the gigs you’ve played.

There have been a few really enjoyable ones, like our release parties for Romance Romance and Immovable Feet, and some of the shows on our Irish tour this summer. Last night’s one in The Button Factory was fun.

Which band did you really enjoy watching in HWCH this weekend?

Same as everyone else – Adebisi Shank. I did only see about 6 or 7 acts though.


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