Q & A with Super Extra Bonus Party


Probably our most strangest interview to date, Inkywrist favourites Super Extra Bonus Party gives us an insight into their weird world!!

Where are Super Extra Bonus Party from?We’re actually all from a high security lock up located 50 degrees south of captain Drummands hut. We were raised on a keen diet of wantans and chestnut soup and showed how to make the sound by Serzic, half man half Lama with the angles of a saint.

What are you hoping to get up to now that HWCH is over? Release our record in the uk and rest of Europe and tour our asses off in as many places that will have us. Might do an EP early if we have time. You get an itch to record new material about a month after you do an album that just won’t go away. You always want to show your progression and new ideas to people. Thats what makes music fun I suppose.
Also Serzic will terminate us if we don’t keep the output up!!!

Why are you called Super Extra Bonus Party? Tatooed on the left little toe of each child born in the hut is a word given to us by the great “Vugnub”  the all powerful jester who watches over us. When a child or “minlap” reaches maturity and is ready to start his or her band, they must combine the words On their toes in any order they see fit!! Hence SUPER EXTRA BONUS PARTY.


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