Q & A with Sounds Of System Breakdown


Hello Sounds Of System Breakdown!! How did SOSB get together?

During college I started experimenting with live electronic music while I should have been learning Photoshop, and for a few years I performed solo under SOSB. When I began recording last year I needed a drummer to replace some of the possibly copyrighted drum samples on my recordings so I asked Adam, who was in Trinity with a friend of mine, to come on board. Adam and Conan Wynne, who I had jammed with on and off for years, became an integral part of the live show pretty quickly, so we officially became a three piece. Richy replaced Conan earlier this year and brought a bunch of new ideas and instruments into the mix.

How did you come up with the band’s name?

Sounds of System Breakdown is nicked from the marketing speil from some glitch audio software I was thinking of buying years ago. I was goingthrough a total Aphex Twin phase at the time and I thought that it would be fitting. We love the sounds you can create by abusing technology, like chip music, circuit bending and the like. Also, given the amount of gear we use live, it also serves as a description for our inevitable on-stage technology breakdowns.

Whats your plans for Sounds Of System Breakdown?

A busy year of promoting the crap out of the album, touring, playing every festival, record deal and subsequent international super-stardom. In the short term keep an eye out for the album and a performance on TG4!

So far, what has been the best gig you’ve played?

Thats a difficult one. For the buzz, our best gig was probably Sibin Festival at the start of the summer. It was more of a dance festival with a band stage tacked on. At the start of our set the heavens opened and the huge tent we were playing in was suddenly full of heads trying to avoid the rain. Everyone was dancing like mad yokes and it totally made up for me falling off the back of the stage during sound check.

This years HWCH has had a biscuit theme for Inkywrists, so whats your favourite?

Bourbon Creams, try to eat all the biscuit off without touching the filling till the end…


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