Q&A with Talulah Does the Hula

talulah does the hula

Are you originally from Dublin?

Well myself and Caoimhe are both from Dublin, Lauren and Jessie are All American Girls (although Lauren just became an official Irish citizen – yay!) and Mike is from Leeds.Or Lancashire.Or Lancaster.Definitely somewhere in the UK that begins with an “L” anyway.

How did the band get together?

Myself and Caoimhe were in another band together (The Chalets).We decided to leave back in 2008 but we wanted to continue making music together.We knew Lauren and Jessie through mutual friends for years and also from their previous band (Neosupervital).I got talking to Lauren at a party one night and we decided to head into the studio with Caoimhe and Jessie as well to see what would happen.I dont think anything really happened that night apart from us drinking a lot of wine,but over the coming weeks we managed to cobble a few tunes together.I had known Mike for a few years and when he told us one night in the pub that he was “The Best Drummer In Ireland” (cough) we knew we had found our drummer.

How did you come up with the band’s name?
It was all over the newspapers last year.Some lunatics in New Zealand had named their child “Talulah Does The Hula From Hawaii”.Morto for her.

Who was your favourite band you saw in HWCH this weekend?
I thought Sergeant Megaphone were pretty interesting, also really liked Sweet Jane,Disconnect 4 and Funeral Suits.

What are your plans for the coming year?
Play loads more gigs,hopefully more gigs outside of Dublin.
Obviously we’d love to record an album but as the great Mick Hucknall once parped: “Money’s too tight to mention”.
To be honest,we are just having lots of fun as it is,if we continue like this into next year I think we will all be pretty happy.
What has been the best gig you’ve played to date?
I think the one we would all agree on was supporting the Cribs in Mandela Hall in Belfast. We arent used to playing on stages that big and actually being able to hear yourself on stage makes *such* a difference!

If you could pick any famous person to play in your band who would it be?

hmmm….i dunno….im not really the “musical heroes” type so you’ve probably asked the wrong person. Maybe someone like Nigella Lawson? Because she could make us lovely dinners after practise and also because she seems like a lovely woman. very…dignified. We could probably do with a little more dignity in our band.

Anyone who cites Nigella Lawson as their ideal bandmate is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. We love you Talulah Does The Hula. The only way that we could love you even more was if you wrote a song about Nigella Lawson…


One Comment on “Q&A with Talulah Does the Hula”

  1. Martin says:

    I second the addition of Nigella Lawson as strongly as possible.

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