Saturday Night with Albert Wafer

We were supposed to do an interview with Albert Penguin on the Saturday of the HWCH festival, but he stood us up. We were left sitting in our kitchen surrounded by uneaten biscuits, distraught. Eventually, we decided to compromise. If we couldn’t get Albert Penguin, no matter, we’d have a night out on the town with Albert Wafer, a pink and white wafer that everyone had deemed to be too sugary to eat (apart from Hassle Merchants, they were the only ones brave enough to eat a couple).

It all started fine, Albert developed a strong German accent and had a bit of a laugh riding a bike…
Albert on bike

He also had some fun messing around in a big pile of leaves….


We tried our best to make sure that he was having a good time, but we realised that Albert was getting bored of just being taken around Dublin.


So we brought him along with us to watch some bands instead.


Things got rapidly out of control. Albert turned out to have a crippling alcohol problem. We had no idea that a wafer could go on such a bender, but Albert did.


We had to keep dragging him away from various girls that he kept trying to chat up, he was a mess. Although, we had to admit, the girls couldn’t seem to get enough of him.


The drink eventually got the better of poor old Albert and he passed out on one of the tables in ALT, mid-way through Adebisi Shank’s set.


Albert did recover, once we’d given him a few glasses of water, and we started to think that maybe he’d be able to do a bit of dancing. Unfortunately, his life was cruelly cut short, when he was eaten by Tim from Neosupervital. We actually have photos of this, but we’re not going to post them, they’re too upsetting for public viewing. RIP Albert. You certainly were no ordinary wafer.


4 Comments on “Saturday Night with Albert Wafer”

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