A quick chat with 202′s


In an attempt to be classy, we met 202s in the Library Bar for a proper, y’know, journalistic interview. However, we failed miserably in our endeavors to be sophisticated.*

Here’s the interview, anyway.

202s started out as a two-piece but you expanded, how come?

There’s three of us in the band but we made the album as a duo. We’d been in bands together for quite a while since we were in school and never really happy with any of them, so when the last band that we were in split up, we just decided that we were going to do things a bittle bit different. Rather than looking to put a new three or four piece band together and doing a load of gigs we decided to start writing and recording and just setting ourselves to make an album. We said that once we had that done, we’ll get out into the outside world, but that was the first step really, and that took about a year.

Why was the album released in France a month before it was released in Ireland?

It came out through a French label Le Sens du Maquis, an indie label and that was kind of a fluke. They found some of the early demos online through MySpace and were really into it, and when we finished the album they wanted to put it out. So, it just ended up coming out in France first of all then here a few weeks later, and then Germany a couple of months after that.

Did you do any touring in France?

We havn’t gone over yet. We were supposed to do a few dates in the summer but they clashed with Oxegen and a few things that we were doing here. Just this evening we were asked to go over on November 1st and do a show, but we’re still trying to pin down dates that suit us and suit them. It’s still difficult, because while we do have a label, we don’t really have funding behind us, we’re still the same as any indie band, so you’ve got to figure out a way of funding the gigs.

Since you recorded your album before you’d ever played live, how did the songs translate once you started doing live performances?

It worked out pretty smoothly. Some of the stuff on the album we don’t play live – there’s a couple of ambient tunes and they’re just not designed for the live arena. While the album was just made by two people, I think it sounds like a band. There was a bit of thinking when we were putting the live band together as to how we were going to pull this off, but it’s worked out okay.

Is that why you got in another band member, to play live?

Yeah, we were considering going down the two man route and having a drum machine and laptop and whatever, which could have been cool, but we just ended up meeting Barry the drummer by accident. Again, he had an ad online, looking to join a band. We liked the influences he mentioned, so we gave him a shout and it just worked out really well, it really gelled, and we really fit in musically and personally which is important. We’ve got a good vibe in the band, we’re doing it for the right reasons.

*It wasn’t until after the interview we realized that both of our very loose fitting tops had fallen down and our bras were actually kind of exposed. We were mortified. Sorry about that, 202s. And sorry, Library Bar.


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