Adebisi Shank


We thought it would be a nice gesture to offer biscuits to the bands that we interviewed. It kind of backfired with Adebisi Shank, because Vinny turned out to have issues with Bourbon creams. Apparently he had had a childhood run-in with a tin of Bourbon creams, which left him with a broken jaw and a mouth of missing teeth. Seriously…

Anyhow, he ended up going for the Ginger Nuts, so everything worked out out okay in the end.

How long have you been together? (as a band, that is)

Mick: Two and a half years ago now. Me and Lar were in another band and Vinny had been doing his Vinny Club stuff. We wanted to try something new so we just had a couple of jams, just for something fun, we didn’t think it was going to be anything serious at all, it still isn’t, but it’s kind of taken over full time.

Where did you get your name from?

It’s from a tv show and, I’ll just admit it right now, I’ve never even seen it. The guitarist was a big fan of this HBO show called Oz, by the guys that did Wire. It was a character from that. We were stuck for a name at our first gig – we had another name and then about a week before the gig, when the poster was already done, we found out that there was another band in America with the exact same name, that were kind of like us but probably better.

So what’s your favourite Alan Rickman film?

Mick: That’s a tough one. I have to say I like that recent one – Sweeney Todd – just because he sings in it.

Vinny: I like Die Hard, obviously, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and Love Actually – that’s really bad, isn’t it?

What are you up to after HWCH?

We’re going to Japan next week – we’re just doing three dates – Tokyo, Ngoya and Osaka. We’re going over on Saturday. We’re playing the launch of the Exchange on Friday as well…. that should be fun. There’s a few friends bands playing as well so it should be good.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Vinny: A dolphin.

A tame dolphin or a wild dolphin?

I’d be a fucking wild dolphin. For real. I’d be like Blohole, the dolphin rapper.

***During one point in the interview, Adebisi Shank mentioned that they wern’t the sort of band to give good quotes. To prove them wrong, we thought we’d treat you to a few gems they came up with:

“Free biscuits, Alan Rickman’s gay, this is the best interview ever.”

“Dylan Haskins is the new Pat Kenny.”

“He’s still fucking delicious, Biscuit Man” (see Saturday Night with Albert Wafer)

“You should never try to pick up animals when you’re really drunk.”

“The only reason I watched Lord of the Rings was because Sean Bean’s in it. And he dies in it. It was the saddest moment of my life…. There’s lots of flashbacks in the extended version as well – more Sean Bean. I’m actually thinking about re-editing the film and just having it all Sean Bean. That’d be pretty good, you could call it Lord of the Bean.”


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