Jack White at Trinity College

jack white

Jack White paid a very low-key visit to Trinity College on Sunday when he came to give a talk at the University Philosophical Society. The public interview was actually really interesting – although the Phil isn’t really a philosophy society, Jack White had obviously read up a lot about philosophy beforehand and gave a really interesting perspective on his thoughts about music. He talked a lot about the theories of anxiety, mentioning that he didn’t really suffer from nervousness, but saw anxiety as a positive thing, that can be turned to something good, like kinetic energy.

He also talked a lot about authenticity, and whether or not a lot of his own musical heroes were genuinely authentic – he seemed to be honestly questioning this, and applied it to his own music, saying “I’m a Polish-Scottish descendant in Detroit who grew up in the Seventies, what business do I have playing the blues?”. It was a very genuine, interesting interview, and I really enjoyed hearing someone talk so candidly about what it means to make music, especially since that person happened to be such a talented musician himself.

There’s some footage that inkywrists took, it’s on our newly created video channel – the Guardian have already got hold of it and posted it on their website!

Also, here’s a quote from Jack White in response to a question he was asked by a member of the audience about how he went about songwriting. I thought he phrased it quite poetically, and couldn’t resist sticking it up here:

“I feel like I’m a bad storyteller in real life when I talk to people but I feel like when I’m writing a song I have a chance to do it right, I have a chance to say it the right way in the words I would like to use.”

There’s a news article about the visit in NME, click here for the link.

And finally, the photo above was taken by the very talented Caroline O’Leary and can also currently be found on the homepage of Rolling Stone’s website – go Caroline!


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