Tim, the man behind Neosupervital, has been close to Inky Wrists’ hearts for a while, ever since he helped us escape from a particularly rainy Oxegen Festival! That was when we knew Tim as the drummer for Bell X1 – not as the crazily energetic and very entertaining Neosupervital. Here’s how we found out more about the Neo side of Tim.

11.40pm – The first day of the HWCH festival and we both feel exhausted already! We have definitely absorbed our fill of gigs for the night, but manage to end up in Twisted Pepper.

11.45pm – We catch sight of a very happy audience and are drawn to the stage to see what’s going on. See Tim in flashing sunglasses pulling some cool moves. Decide to stay.

11.50pm – There is a particularly strange girl dancing like a mad yoke, whom we decide that Tim has paid to act so enthusiastically (turns out he hasn’t).

11.53pm – Tim jumps off the stage and moves his way through the audience….we can’t see him for a few minutes, then he (agilely, we have to add) jumps up on the bar! We’re impressed.

11.57pm – After making his way back to the stage he invites everyone onto the stage. Dancing girl is first up! We were videoing at that time so couldn’t join her, bit disappointed. (check out the video below)

12.00am – Gig ends and we grab Tim for a reunion…

Hi Tim, amazing gig!

We like the style you’ve got going on there.

I used to wear suits on stage, but they were a bit restricting, so I thought, why not get a nice pair of slacks and a nice shirt?

Was the matching shirt and trousers intentional?

The brown? I went for the UPS look, yeah. Actually, I’m just noticing, it’s ridiculous how many blue and white accessories that I’ve got (looks at crazy-coloured guitar), but such is life. You have gold shoes.

Where did you get the great sunglasses? (Tim’s sunglasses have a set of flashing red lights along the frames)

I can’t reveal my sources but I bought around five of them and these are the only pair that’s working. I actually have to get new batteries and they cost more than the glasses themselves, isn’t that fascinating? But yeah, I got them in a shop in town.

That’s very ambiguous of you.

Well, you know, you can’t give too much away.

Tell us a bit about what you’ve got planned for Neosupervital.

I was actually going to put my album out this month – officially in my diary it says ‘album out’ last week but I’m so glad I didn’t. I need more nights like this one just to build it up from the ground. I was thinking ‘I’ll just come back, it’ll be fine’ but you can’t expect people to remember who you are. It’s like if you go away anywhere, you have to reintroduce yourself.

I spent six to eight months last year recording my album and I have it all ready to go. It’s interesting road-testing certain songs, because I’ve dropped two songs from my set – not that there’s anything wrong with my songs, but they don’t fit in. I like, not happy-clappy music, but party music, and they didn’t have the party spirit that I wanted. I’ve two more in the bag that I’m working on now and they should be finished by Christmas.

Would you ever record a Christmas album?

I’ve got a Christmas song, actually. I’ve released a demo version of it a few years ago, just on the web, but I’ve been meaning to record it. A friend of mine is a schoolteacher, so he can help out with the children’s choir, because you’ve got to have a children’s choir. It’s called ‘I Love Christmas’… I should really do that for next year.


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