Escape Act

escape act

We met up with Escape Act outside of Andrews Lane on Saturday.We thought the guys were lovely and their enthusiasm for their new album was really contagious, we’re really looking forward to hearing it! We will be posting a free mp3 from Escape Acts first album in the next day or so too as a little freebie for Inkywrist readers…

How long have you been together as a band?

Escape Act formed back in 2006. We realeased our first album, Loosely Based on Fiction, this time last year, and we’ve been recording another album this year.

When is the new album going to be out?

Well parts will be out throughout next year. We’ve been hibernating a bit for the last few months. A new guitarist joined the band in April/May and we started recording in February. We’ve been working hard on this album it’s going to be really really good!

Who are you planning to see this HWCH weekend?

There are some friends of ours from Belfast, Ballymena and Dublin playing in the Think Tank now called The Poormouth and we are going to see Robotnik too.  HWCH has a really lovely atmosphere, I love that all the venues are within 5 mins of each other, everybody has been nice. Its been very very enjoyable.We have some breakfast meetings tomorrow so hopefully we wont be hungover!

Did you release your album with a label?

We formed our own label, and there is a label in Edinburgh that has released a few singles.

Do you any touring planned?

Next year we are recording our album in Glasgow and in between times we’ve been recording with different muscians, so it should be together by next month, and start releasing the album next year. We are planning a big gig in Belfast at the end of the Year, a kind of special with all the musicans that have worked on the album.

Has your style changed alot with the new album?

Yes! Much better singing and guitar.The first album has shy songs while the new album is very confident. With the first album we thought lets start with an album instead of demos.We learnt all the time. The first album got great reviews but we didnt really agree. We were happy to get them but we knew we could do better. Its been alot of hard work this year, I’m pretty tired and pale! We have been working flat out so it will be great to have it finished and sit back and enjoy it cause its pretty, I’m never very outspoken about the quality of it but this time I know its going to be really good.


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