Sweet Jane

sweet jane

With everything from declarations of love to becoming friends with Glasvegas, Sweet Jane tells us all about their adventures since they formed as a band…

So how long have you been together?

We’ve been together since January 2007. Me and Dan started as just a recording project then we decided to get the live band together.

Do you have any albums coming out?

We have a new EP that we released in October last year called ‘Black Boots and Black Hearts’, with five tracks on it and we’re in the middle of demoing for our next album. It’ll probably come out in March 2010.

Are you releasing that yourselves?

No, we have a label in Ireland that wants to release it and then we’ve got a label in the UK who are going to release it. We haven’t announced who that is yet so I can’t tell you yet! We’ll be letting people know after Christmas and New Year.

Do you have many gigs planned at the moment?

Well apart from tonight, we have a show in the Twisted Pepper on the 24th October, then we’re off until Christmas and then back to the UK in January, where we’ll be doing another Death Disco tour.

You played at HWCH last year…

We did. It was a bit of a disaster last year. We were meant to play outside and it was raining really badly so we got moved indoors and we played really late, I think it was like 2am instead of 11pm. Hopefully it will better tonight! No rain can get us!

That must have been pretty awful for you!

It was horrible and I was like a drowned rat as well! It wasn’t good!

Had you done many gigs before HWCH last year?

Yeah , we’d done a lot.  Since we got the band together, after the recording was out of the way, we just played! Like we were playing a gig every week or every two weeks and we’ve definitely paid our dues with playing live, so we are in a position to be a bit picky about where we play now.

What is the best gig you’ve ever played?

Oooh, the best gig we’ve ever played was the first Death Disco that we did. It is run by Alan Magee and BP Fallon. They asked us to play the tour and the first one was in London, so that was a good one! Supporting The Kills was also great, and so was the Glasvegas tour…

What was it like supporting The Kills?

It was weird, we were in a dressing room and they were right next to us. I’m a really big Kills fan as well. I had actually met Alison before at Electric Picnic two years beforehand  and I had been really drunk shall we say, I was like, “I love you, I love your band! And I love The Kills so much!” And she was like “okaay you weirdo!”  But then we got asked to support them so that was pretty amazing!

Was that as a result of your drunken love declaration?

Well The Kills are really good friends with BP Fallon, who had heard us and was like “I love you!” He played us on his radio station, and all that kind of stuff. So, we got a call and were asked to support them! We were backstage, and I was like, if I see Kate Moss I’m going to shit myself! It was just crazy, Harmar Superstar was there backstage!

Is he as dodgy in real life as he looks on tv?

Oh God, how can I say this without being cruel? He’s exactly as you’d imagine! He was really sweet that night we were playing, and then we were in Texas for the South By South West festival, and I met him at a party and I was like “Hey Harmar! I met you in Dublin!” and he was like “I don’t know you.” But yeah we’ve met some great people: The Kills have a roadie and sound engineer called Teresa and Nick, they’re husband and wife, and they work for The Kills and The Gossip. We became really good friends with them when we were supporting The Kills.

Sweet Jane has been so successful, why do you think that is?

We have been doing everything on our own, it’s only now at this stage that we are going to start working with record labels, so everything before was ourselves. It was just through meeting these people at parties. Like with the Glasvegas tour: we met James at Oxegen just after they had played, this was two years ago, and they were just on their own so we went over and we just sat together and drank for the whole night. James took my number and the next time they were in Dublin we sent them to Whelans, and just from there we became good friends. And when they came back to do the Glasvegas tour they asked us to support them! So it’s been that kind of thing, getting to know people…That’s basically the way things have happened for us!

So, we have to ask you about your style and how you manage to keep it all together whilst touring?

Nooo, I have the worst style ever! I’m wearing ski pants for Christ’s sake! I did a little interview for a friend who has a fashion website and she asked me to describe my style in three words, I was like black, leather, moody…I just wear the same stuff over and over again. I’ve always liked to be comfortable, so I’m always in some kind of jeans and leather jacket.

We love your furry hat!

I paid a euro for it! In some charity shop in Camden street. It’s always when I’m coming back from work and pop in that I find stuff. Like I got this sheepskin coat for 5 quid and its a huge fierce winter coat, but Danda from the band has adopted it so I don’t get to wear it anymore!

Here, Vinny from Adebisi Shank enters backstage and brings up an unpleasant memory for Sweet Jane featuring a tambourine, but we promised not to mention it  so the interview ends here!


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