Cornucopia’s got bigger



Cornucopia’s been extended! Now, you can actually have lunch there, at lunchtime! Up until now, it’s always been so popular that the lunchtime queues and limited seating made it virtually impossible go there between 12.30pm and 2pm. It always worked better as somewhere to go for a late breakfast or mid-afternoon cup of coffee (try the white chocolate and blueberry muffins, they’re incredible).  But in the last few days, the much anticipated extension has finally been opened – the side wall to the adjoining building has been knocked down and there’s now double the seating, which means that it’s a lot easier to pop in there for a spot of lunch. I’ve always been a bit intimidated by the prices attached to the main courses – they’re all around the €12 mark – to really try them out, but they all look absolutely delicious judging from my longing glances at other people’s plates. For the more financially challenged, either the soup or the salads are the best bet. A small plate of salad costs €4.50, and you get a choice of two of the salads on offer. Try the garlic potatoes – they have roasted hazelnuts with them which adds a bit of crunch and cuts through the mayonaisse, and I’ve always been a bit partial to the chickpea, greenbean and halloumi salad as well. Soup-wise, it varies, but be warned, it’s very rarely conventional. Lentils, celeriac and coconut all feature regularly in the Cornucopia soups, so if you’ve got a prudish palate, it might be best to steer clear for fear of offending it. Also, bread isn’t included in the price of the soup, and since a large bowl is €4.50, it does all add up. Still, in its defence, it is one of the few vegetarian restaurants in Dublin, all the food is prepared each day on the premises and has unfailingly been top-quality. And once you’ve been there, you do find that you keep going back.


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