Knives in Hens

knives in hens


The title of this play’s been driving me mad – I havn’t wanted to see a play in Project Arts Centre this badly since I missed out on seeing Oedipus Loves You. I’ve been having a sneaky look on Project’s website and this production of playwright David Harrower’s first play promises to be very good indeed. It’s directed by Alan Gilsenan, and stars Lorcan Cranitch, Vincent Regan and Catherine Walker. For those of you wondering what it’s all about, never fear, here’s the plot summary: “Set in a god-fearing, pre-industrial rural community, a young woman comes to terms with an ancient hatred, an unexpected betrayal, and a growing awareness of her place in the world. A raw, brutal, dangerous play about love, desire and the power of words.”

There’s even a promotional video for the play featuring some atmospheric music and a live hen, which I’ve added below for your viewing pleasure. Knives in Hens opens tomorrow (4 November) – it’s actually showing in Smock Lane theatre not Project Arts – and runs until 28 November.

And, just to add even more excitement to an otherwise dreary Tuesday, guess what? The incredibly talented playwright David Harrower will be popping into Smock Alley theatre this Sunday (8 November) for a chat about his work! It should be a really interesting talk and if you’re into theatre, it’s well worth checking it out.


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