Fantastic Mr Fox


“Fantastic Mr Fox” has already been featured on our November Hot List, and it was certainly our cinematic highlight of November. Mind you, the only other film that we’ve seen this month was “Jennifer’s Body”, and to be honest, we only went to see that to figure out why so many men liked Megan Fox. To those of you who constantly rant on about how hot she is (and I mean you, Jonathan), we wern’t that impressed. She didn’t succeed in competing with “Fantastic Mr Fox”, anyway – Kristofferson was far more attractive, despite being an underage animated fox-puppet.

“Fantastic Mr Fox” did deviate quite a bit from Roald Dahl’s story, and it was a little slow to start in the beginning. Perhaps this was due to the peculiar atmosphere  – it was something of a mix between “Chicken Run” and “James and the Giant Peach”. Despite being animated, it is still quite easy to identify Wes Anderson as the director – especially in the choice of soundtrack, when the Rolling Stones ‘Street Fighting Man’ starts up… it was very similar to “The Darjeeling Limited”. The film also features an animated version of Jarvis Cocker singing a song that he wrote especially for the film – ‘Fantastic Mr Fox AKA Petey’s song’. We love it.

Perhaps it was the post-cinema drink in the Shaw that did it, or maybe it was just the after-effects of the excitement generated by the film, but Becky ended up swearing to get a tattoo of a hypnotised possum inked on her wrist. She’s currently looking for someone to tattoo it – if you’re a qualified tattooist and are wondering what a hypnotised possum looks like, it’s something like this:



3 Comments on “Fantastic Mr Fox”

  1. THE Jonathan says:

    Although i take your point with an amazing sense of calm, SHE’S A CHEERLEADER IN THE MOVIE! 🙂 I shall take all above points into account when i get around to seeing both movies. I look forward to both but for very different reasons.

  2. Martin says:

    I’m glad the requirement is that the tattooist be qualified. Otherwise the idea of getting a tattoo of a hypnotised possum would be just ridiculous, clearly.

  3. Catriona says:

    Actually, Martin, qualified was my stipulation, I don’t think Becky cares either way, to be honest. And by the way, Jonathan, she’s only in that cheerleading costume for about 2 minutes – the rest of the time she’s brutally eating men, which presumably, isn’t quite as sexy…

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