M&S Christmas Bazaar

cheery familiesIt was a bit of a Christmas bonanza at the M&S in Grafton St this morning. They’re celebrating their 125h anniversary this year and to celebrate are giving out copious quantities of presents to anyone willing to queue for them (if this is sounding familiar, that’s because they did the same thing a few months ago, with a summer theme). Anyhow, we were on our way to M&S to buy some socks when we got waylaid into the queue, got handed a leaflet with the free gifts on it and were told to pick five. The limited, but still fairly generous selection went as follows:

mug,men’s socks in a bag, card game, children’s puzzle, handkerchief, money tin, A5 notebook, tie, women’s socks, box of chocolates, tea towl, mini yule logs, trolley coin key ring, knickers.

We were pretty excited, mainly because they were giving out free socks, and being given FIVE free pairs of them would mean that our rather boring shopping trip would have worked out better than we could have envisaged even in our wildest dreams. However, since it was getting a bit late on in the morning, all that was left were the chocolates, yule logs and card games, so we were arbitrarily given bags containing those (and a tangerine) instead. Still, it livened up the shopping trip no end, especially when we got a chance to have a good look at the card game. It’s called ‘Cheery Families’, based on an early version of ‘Happy Families’ and the illustrations range from quaint to truly disturbing. Whatever you do, try to avoid looking at ‘Mr Fin the Fishmonger’ and ‘Mrs Fin the Fishmonger’s Wife’. Both have fish for heads and their gasping fish features are drawn in hideous detail. Their children, Master Fin and Miss Fin seem to be fine, strangely enough. Keep an eye out for ‘Master Switch the Schoolmaster’s Son’ too, scary stuff.

The Christmas Bazaar should be on for the next couple of days, so if you fancy getting your very own pack of ‘Cheery Families’, (or maybe even an elusive pair of socks if you get there early enough), then head on down. Don’t be put off by the queue – it moves surprisingly quickly.


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