Lost Souls at the Narrative Arts Club

Come into the world of Miss Crozier, the 300 year old wrinkly hag who terrorizes a poor junior doctor from beyond the grave (and the mortuary slab). Be warned at the perilous effects of spending the money that your mammy gave you to buy liver and onions on an exciting array of pick n mix. Shudder in terror at the Inuit tale of Nalikateq, and journey into the gruesome blood-curdled opulence of Prince Prospero, the Cork-based victim of the dreaded Ebola virus. On Tuesday, Inky Wrists ventured into the surreal and lyrical world of Coilin The Oh-Aissieux and his storytelling collaborator Adam Wilson who instigated their latest storytelling odyssey in the unquestionably lavish and traditional surrounds of the Library Bar. This was a follow-up of the original Lost Souls night on Halloween, but with the added excitement of a team of artists from the Tinderbox network, who sat, sketchbooks in hand, providing illustrations of both the narrators and their gruesome stories. There’ll be illustrations up on their blog soon, it’s well worth keeping an eye out. For now, unfortunately, I’ve had to post the only available image of the evening, a hand-drawn advert for the event.

*** since I wrote that, more pictures have come to light! Here’s one done by Tinderbox artist, James:


3 Comments on “Lost Souls at the Narrative Arts Club”

  1. Thanks for this concise description of the Lost Souls show.
    Please see the following sketch by James of the Dublin Sketchers:
    The figure standing in the doorway is the hunter who encountered Nalikateq.
    Note also the wolf in the picture on the wall, and full moon visible through curtains.

  2. By the way, if I may, I would like to invite your readers to the following storytelling events:

    Thursday 26 November from 7.30-9.00 pm.
    Mael Dun’s Voyage: Tapestry Design and Storytelling
    With Loscann Lively and Coilín “The” Oh-Aissieux
    In the Unitarian Church, St Stephen’s Green, Dublin.
    Mael Dun and his crew wander the seas between islands populated by fiery swine, seductive princesses and hermits dressed only in their own long, white hair, in an accursed quest for revenge or release.

    Saturday 28 November from 8-1 am
    Narrative Arts at the Funky Seomra alcohol-free nightclub, RDS Concert Hall

    Thursday 3 December. 8 to 10.30 pm. Doors 7.30
    Adventures and misadventures
    With Adam Wilson and The Oh-Aissieux
    Library Bar Extension, Central Hotel.

    We would be delighted to see you at any or all of these shows!

    Details for these shows and more: http://www.narrativeartsclub.com/page2.htm

  3. Your website is bomb. Thanks!

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