The Theatre Machine Turns You On

Expect a week of excitement at the Project Arts Centre with The Theatre Machine Turns You On. From the 1st to the 5th of December, Project Arts will be taken over by the best of the next generation of theatre artists. Expect a diverse array of the weird and downright wonderful. Here’s a list of what’s on – with a bit of a description that we’ve unashamedly stolen from Project Arts website…

Bang Shoot Blast.

6.30pm, December 1st.

A love-at-first-sight-one-night-stand kind of play.

You meet someone, you fall in love and then suddenly it all ends in a horrible explosion. You vow never to love again. But, inevitably, you do.

Love is a cycle.

With music, video, wine and cake, the audience actively participate in six characters’ relationship experiences. It doesn’t work out in real life like it does in the movies.

Written by Karl Watson, directed by Liana O’Cleirigh, designed by Will St Leger and mentored by Brokentalkers, this is a play for anyone who is in love, or has been, or will be one day.

Asylum Speakers

8.30pm 1st and 2nd December

The beat of the system is getting stronger, and the smaller rhythms can’t fight the pulse. Telling your story to a stranger is hard. But that’s when it matters most.

Four people. Four stories. Four performers on a stage. In this room the drone dies down and the quieter voices can speak. Everyday mannerisms are magnified, individuality is amplified, and music weaves between the lines.

Scripted from interviews with asylum seekers in Ireland, this verbatim play premieres in conjunction with iceandfire Theatre, presented by Tara Robinson.

In Touch

7.30pm 1st and 2nd December

A physical cacophony by Christopher Samuel Carroll and Roseanne Lynch.

Fragments of a lost relationship ghost past at breakneck speed. Malcolm and Julia are young, independent, and successful. But when you’re up at 6, home at 9, and can’t remember the weekend, success feels more like a constant race with failure – if you can slow down long enough to feel anything.

A dynamic, expressionistic assault on the relentless pressure of urban life at its breaking point. In Touch questions the unholistic expectations of our society: the disconnection of mind from body, work from play, sex from love, and one person from another.

Behind the Shamrocks

10am – 7pm 1st – 5th December

The city you know. Stories you don’t.

What don’t you know about Dublin?

The only site specific piece in THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON, this audio tour, gives you a peek behind the shamrocks of Irish Tourism to make you look twice at Dublin City’s facts and fictions.

You will see Dublin in a whole new light. You will walk through the heart of the city, where the secrets of familiar landmarks are told, and everything has a story.

Whether you’re a traveler or a native this is for you.

This is not History.

This is Dublin, past and present.

You’ll be surprised…more than once.

The Cappucino Culture

6.30pm 2nd December

The Cappuccino Culture is a multilingual piece of documentary theatre that explores Dublin as a cosmopolitan city, in which different cultures coexist. The Cappuccino Culture is an insight into all those who happen to live here, who are around you and are just like you… except that some are not Irish… and many have a peculiar accent.

We want to tell you who we are; how it feels like to ‘speak in tongues’ and be in foreign land. Join us! You will enjoy our food, drinks and tea, among many other things.

Warning: we are going to need your help to figure out who says what.

Andy Warhol’s Nothing Special

8.30pm/6.30pm 3rd and 4th December

Written by James Hickson and directed by Maeve Stone, Andy Warhol’s Nothing Special is an experimental play, exploring notions of love, death, art and identity.  It is, in essence, a play about the misshapen relationship between Andy (not Warhol) and Eve. Their recollected memories and moments are given life in a reality informed by the style and practice of Pop Art.

Oh! How Very Ordinary

6.30pm 3rd and 5th December

“Heartbreak is as trivial as losing a lighter” and an umbrella can create a universe.

Mundane, functional objects, not generally precious, ever present, though always transitory, replaced, reshuffled in the universal lighter lottery.  Oh! How Very Ordinary.  Sometimes a lighter lasts longer than a lover, sometimes an umbrella saves more than your hair.

Please Leave a Message Under the Ocean

7.30pm 3rd and 4th December

The boy and the girl have a million memories.

They have a million memories in postcards, paragraphs and old photographs.

The boy waited for the girl.

But the girl never came-

Welcome to their playground-

It’s a forgotten toy box full of raw nerves and smashed glass,

The labour in relating-

And a memory everybody has-

This is what happens when you forget old hiding places, find new ones and never want to leave the house ever again.


7.30pm 5th December

Presented by CARAVAN/ON/FIRE/COLLECTIVE: architects, teachers, therapists, a multidisciplinary arts family.

Enter, the boy Blackbird, from the sky into the lives of three godforsaken sisters. He falls into a frenzy, a panic, a forest fire.

“You’ll be an animal cold out in the fields. You’ll come up against some God in the forest.”

Forest, written and directed by Máirín O Grady, is a play about roots and dislocation seen through a lense of symbols, live music, and projected images.

Theatreclub Stole Your Clock Radio What The Fuck You Gonna Do About It?

8.30pm 4th and 5th December

This is not our first time
but could be our last chance.

THEATREclub are ruining lives all over this city.
We’re breaking hearts, stepping on toes and
pissing on dreams in college lecture halls.

Brown Sugar.
Sonic Youth.
Cymbals. Symbols. Cymbalism.

THEATREclub are gonna talk about being young,
about not being young
about being too old to care .

Dancing. Confetti. Paper Cups.
Drenched. Rained. Weighted
Waited for what?

And about not caring that you don’t care
or that YOU stole a CLOCK RADIO.


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