Electric Relaxation

We’re off to London in about five minutes, but before we get on the plane, we felt compelled to do a quick post about Electric Relaxation, which has its debut in the Bernard Shaw this Saturday afternoon. It looks set to be a monthly thing, so it should be worth checking it out. No time to write more, so we’ll leave you with what Ponderbox, the organisers, say about it…

A chewed up spat out version of your usual Saturday afternoon. Something different for the different something.

Expect…… Chilled beats and grilled treats..

Beats being kicked include Electronica from Patrick “Paddy” Dexter, Old School Hip Hop from Ronan “HayserGayser” Hayes, Disco&Funk from Michael “Hennessy” Hennessy, House from Andrew “Gents with Guns” Bannister, Relaxed quirky minimal and a bit of hip hop from Josh “Josh Josh Josh” Gordon and Mininmal Techno from Fergus “Fergus” Carson-Williams.

And last, but not least, we will be showing scenes from David Attenborough’s Life, dance set-pieces from Disney Films (Yes, including The Pink Elephant Parade and King of the Swingers) and any other clips we find like-some or lol-worthy on the walls, comment on the event wall with any other clips you’d like to see, we have six hours…

Click here to see a video for it!


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