Inkywrists Christmas Party

We figure that if you’re one of the people who actually read this blog on a semi-regular basis you deserve a reward! And we’re planning the most Christmassy party in the history of Christmas parties, just to say thank you! It’s on Thursday, 17th December in the upstairs room in Twisted Pepper. It’s starting at 8.30pm and it might be a good idea to come along early, because Santa will be giving presents to the first people to come and sit on his knee… there’ll also be mulled wine too, to get you in the festive spirit, and rumour has it that Twisted Pepper is selling Buckfast for €2. Gav Xmas will be on the decks, delighting your ears with his selection of Christmassy electro. There’s also free entry to Mr Jones later for everyone who comes along to our party first. And if that’s not sufficiently exciting, we’ll also be giving out a limited number of copies of our Inky Wrists Xmas Remix cd, which has festive remixes of Christmas songs by The Vinny Club, Mark Lam, and others.

Next Thursday is going to be the Christmas party to end all Christmas parties, and if you like our blog, consider this your invitation.


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