No More Blasphemy

Have we been living under a stone or did the Irish government genuinely pass a set of blasphemy laws? Apparently they’ve been in effect since January 1st, which means that if you utter or publish something that is offensive enough to cause outrage amongst members of a particular religion, you are liable to be fined €25,000. It’s the most medieval and ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard, especially considering the amount of things that could be construed as blasphemous. It encompasses a vast proportion of literature, music, and television, especially comedy. It seems absolutely unbelievable that the start of a new decade sees Ireland becoming even more backward, in its enforcement of the same outmoded and redundant constitution which has been responsible for this country having one of the most backward and medieval set of laws in the European Union.

See here for more information – I still can’t believe that it’s actually true.


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