New Antics!

For those of you who are friends with Antics on Facebook, you’ve probably already got the message they sent out yesterday about the exciting new changes they’re making to Wednesdays at Crawdaddy. If you’ve no idea what we’re on about, then don’t fret, here’s the details of Antics’s new makeover, in the words of Antics itself…
Ok folks,
A big BIG change to ANTICS is happening and I’m very excited.

Please read…

After much thought about how the past year went and how I’d like 2010 to go, I’ve decided to bring things back to what Antics is really about, and focus again on BANDS and INDIE.

2009 was great, but 2010 needs to be EVEN BETTER

This means that the ELECTRO ROOM IS NO MORE. This is for many different reasons but essentially I want to give some of the amazing talent out there a great platform to perform just like the old days.

Plus there’s lot’s of great clubs playing really good electro so it’s not necessary.

There will be 2 rooms:
Great local and international BANDS + INDIE PARTY (think Interpol/Strokes/Vampire Weekend/Classics etc etc). Drunk and dancing music 🙂

Slightly more laid back, but AMAZING tunes. Really great stuff that you’ll love to hear play… Dirty Projectors/Girls/No Age… through to some 90’s Hip-Hop and a little bit of MOD style Soul.

I hope you enjoy the changes.
They’re gonna amazing!! Promise.




One Comment on “New Antics!”

  1. Soooali says:

    This looks awesome! We have to get a group to go!


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