Storytelling excitement ahead!

We do love a bit of storytelling, and there’s a veritable plethora of exciting events coming up in the next couple of weeks. First up is the Narrative Arts Club. They’re doing two evenings in the Library Bar on Tuesday 19th January and Thursday 21st January entitled Tales from the Arabian Nights. On the Thursday they’ll be joined by Tinderbox for a StorySketch evening – it basically means that some people are drawing as the stories are being told – I was at the last one and it was a really nice evening. Have a look at their website for more details.

Milk and Cookies is the latest addition to Dublin’s storytelling scene and is having its next meeting at 6.30pm on Tuesday 12th January at the Exchange, in Temple Bar. Stories will be on the theme of “The End of the World” and there will be a bake-off competition (i.e. – a selection of delicious cookies floating about the place). You can go along and just have a listen or tell some stories of your own if you’re so inclined. And it’s all FREE. Free tea, free cookies, free stories. Who could ask for more?

ps – if you’re wondering where the image is from, it’s one of Kay Nielsen’s illustrations of the Arabian Nights. He’s one of my absolute favourite illustrators, and I’ve been waiting for an excuse to put one of his pictures up on the blog. Thank you, Narrative Arts!


5 Comments on “Storytelling excitement ahead!”

  1. Thanks, Catriona!
    Adam and I performed the first part from Introducing Shahrazad at Milk and Cookies last night, and it went down a treat. We had people laughing in unexpected places, and even startled some people unexpectedly at one dramatic point. It’s always good to see our listeners so engaged.
    So we’re looking forward to delivering more of the same at our two shows next week.
    By the way, we are also planning to start up at a new venue in Abbey Street shortly. It’s a beautiful, classic Dublin pub, very near the Abbey Theatre and Abbey Street Luas stop. How does that suit people?

  2. Catriona says:

    That sounds great! Let us know the details anyway!

  3. Adam Wilson says:

    Hi Catriona, Adam here, thanks for the write up about our up coming events! I love the website 🙂

  4. Seán says:

    This is very late, but thank you for the mention! Great blog.


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