From YouTube to Tudou

I’ve been on a bit of a video-watching extravaganza lately, mainly because I’ve discovered the life-changing experience of For those of you that are fed up with attempting to find a film on YouTube, this may be the answer you’ve been looking for. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to watching things online, mainly because I hate clicking on dodgy-looking links that look like they might give my beloved laptop a virus. Because of this, I usually just stick to YouTube, but as you’re probably aware, it’s pretty difficult to find a newly released film as they get removed so quickly, and as well as that, there’s an increasing number of those irritating URL links to random websites which may or may not actually contain the full film.

Tudou, by contrast, is a pretty reliable website and because it’s Japanese, it seems to get away with an awful lot more than YouTube, so there’s quite a high chance of finding a full film uploaded on there long before it’s even out on DVD. The only difficulty is that the entire website is in Japanese, but if you just type in the name of the film into the search box then click the link that has the longest timeframe, you should be sorted. If I can navigate my way around it, anyone can, trust me. It seems to work best with newly released films, I havn’t had as much luck finding older ones on it. So, combining Tudou and the ever reliable YouTube, I’ve been in film-heaven lately. Here’s a few of my favourites (I’ve even included links, that’s how much I think you should see them)…

The September Issue

I almost wept when I missed out on seeing this in the cinema. It follows Anna Wintour and the editorial staff of U.S. Vogue as they go about preparing the September 2007 issue – which was apparently the largest magazine ever printed (don’t quote me on that). It might sound very girly, but it’s not – it’s actually a really interesting look at what goes on behind the scenes at a high-end magazine. Also, it was terrifying to see just how much control and influence Anna Wintour has over the luxury goods market – scary stuff. I also thought the soundtrack was surprisingly good – it opened with Ladytron’s “Destroy Everything You Touch” and the closing credits were scored to a song called “Be a Star” by Oh Me Oh My – it’s worth having a listen to.

Away We Go

I love how Sam Mendes often uses the domestic and the quotidian as inspiration for his films. The thing that I really liked about this film was that it was about a couple who got on really well together – it’s so unusual for a plot to deal with that, and it was oddly comforting (unlike that sodding Meryl Streep film that’s just come out, which looks painfully bad).

Sid and Nancy

You can find this one on You Tube, someone’s uploaded a very high quality version. I’d been meaning to watch this 1986 film for AGES, and finally got around to it about a week ago. It’s a bit disturbing, alright, and doesn’t leave you with a very pleasant taste in your mouth, but then again, if you’re going to watch something about Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, it’s hardly going be a rom-com really, is it? It’s pretty gripping stuff anyway, and Courtney Love also has a minor part in it, which makes it even more entertaining (she actually looks as if she could be Chloe Webb’s sister, they look uncannily similar).


Seeing Fantastic Mr Fox sent me on a Wes Anderson odyssey. I love him, he’s my all-time favourite director. I could watch The Royal Tenenbaums all day and never get bored. Not only does he have great storylines, but a really ironic, self-reflexive way of filming, and brilliant soundtracks. Rushmore is nerd-tastic, there’s no other way of describing it. It’s also the first time that Anderson worked with Bill Murray… he gives a brilliant performance as a disillusioned millionaire.


4 Comments on “From YouTube to Tudou”

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