Although the Ladurée counter in Brown Thomas has been open since November, we haven’t done a blog post about it until now, mainly because we’ve been too busy eating macaroons to write about them. We’ve been long-distance fans of Ladurée for years, ever since watching Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, which featured a pretty stunning range of Rococco patisserie delights that were created by the Parisian company. You can imagine the near-evangelical levels of hysteria that we experienced when we heard the rumours that Ladurée was actually coming to Dublin. It’s been every bit as fantastic as we imagined.

Although Ladurée is very much at the luxury end of baking (hence the reason it’s got a swanky counter on the ground floor of BTs), it’s still pretty accessible – you can buy a single macaroon for €1.50, and pick out your favourite flavour from the trays of tastefully arranged macaroons on display. My two all-time favourites are the pistaschio and the chocolate flavoured ones – I’m particularly smitten with the pistachio one because of its bright green colouring, but the chocolate macaroon is equally delightful. If you haven’t tried one yet, do. It’s only €1.50… go on, you know you’re intrigued…


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