Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Sugar Club

Last weekend, both halves of Inky Wrists were sitting rather miserably at the bar of a pub in Arklow, staring up at the television screen which told you about the various events that the pub was planning. They thoughtfully provided a (scarily accurate) timetable of what to do on Valentine’s Day. Here’s the timetable, which was indelibly seared upon our brains over the course of two solid hours:
10pm Spend morning in bed with Girlfriend.
2pm Take her to Shopping Centre (the only amenity that Arklow has to offer)
4pm Go to Christies for Dinner.
6pm Christies Live Music.
Thank god Dublin has more to offer. The event which promises the most for sheer entertainment value is the Rocky Horror Picture Show Valentine’s Day special, on the Saturday night. Billing itself as Anti-Valentine’s Delight, it should be a devilishly amusing evening… we can’t wait! Check out the Sugar Club’s website for more info.

One Comment on “Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Sugar Club”

  1. notruairi says:

    I am from Arklow and I am dying to know who you are.

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