Rocky Horror Picture Show

It was a particularly debauched evening at the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturday. Neither of us had ever seen the film before, so we went along in a state of total innocence. Fortunately, we were educated in the most eye-opening way possible by BOBO Productions, who turned the Sugar Club into a veritable den of iniquity. A huge proportion of the audience had dressed up and there were some pretty eye-catching Magentas and Columbias floating about, as well as a couple of scantily dressed Rockys. “Time Warp” provoked a positive riot of dancing and the delightful Miss Dotty Potts put on a memorable pre-show performance, as did the scary man in a tutu who SET HIS HAIR ON FIRE (see video below). Throughout the film, the members of BOBO productions enacted the parts in front of the screen, to add to the atmosphere. What with the pieces of toast, the teddy bears and the copious quantities of confetti that we were still removing from our hair and clothing the next day, it was certainly an experience… we can’t wait until they show it again, we’re counting down the days til Hallowe’en!


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