Muzik 18.02.10

We haven’t been to Muzik in an extremely long time, so we thought we’d pop by on Thursday. It was absolutely crammed full of people, though we still managed to get served at the bar pretty quickly. There was a band playing, as you can see from the video above. Unfortunately we have no idea who it is – if anyone knows please enlighten us and leave a comment!

Leaving Muzik proved to be harder than we’d anticipated, since Curved Street was blocked by metal railings to control the people who were still trying to get  into the club. The flow of people had come to a complete standstill by a disgustingly drunk Belgian, who was brandishing a room key and insisting that the Button Factory was his hotel, while furtively eyeing up the scantily-clad teenage girls. Understandably, the bouncers wouldn’t let him in, but as he wouldn’t leave, everything became increasingly more grid-locked. We got out eventually, although it meant passing dangerously close to hotel-man’s perspiring, lecherous face.


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