Night Out With Pea-Baby

Unlike Purse Dog and  Albert Wafer whose adventures out with us resulted in their demise (thanks to Partyshank and Neopsupervital), Pea-Baby came back home safe and only slightly out of shape. Pea-Baby, whose only excitement in life so far was the trip from Japan to Cat’s bedroom (which really isn’t as exciting as it sounds and involved wrapping paper and darkness) was pretty keen to come out with us on Thursday night. In the end we gave in and brought him along on our travels. Although there was an incident with a 6-pack plastic ring (those things are dangerous), Pea-Baby had a great night out at Andrew’s Lane for the Kitsune Party, the outside of Twisted Pepper (the guestlist for Fake Blood closed by 11 so we couldnt get in…) and Muzik.


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