Trinity Ball 2010

We’ve got quite a few Trinity Ball-related bits of news to impart, so we thought we’d break things up into three separate points (nothing like a bit of organization, eh?) So here goes:

1. First up, the the acts for this year’s Trinity Ball have finally been announced. Here’s the full line-up of who will be playing: Dizzee Rascal, Mystery Jets, Mr Hudson, Uffie, Digitalism, Example, Jape, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, Jesse Rose, Louis La Roche, Japanese Popstars, Fred Falke, Delorentos, The Law, Darwin Deez, Planet Parade, Replicators, Definitely Mightbe, Adored, Police Force, Bitches with Wolves, War Stage.

Trinity Ball falls on Friday 16th April this year, and tickets are going on sale this Wednesday (24th Feb).  If you’re a student or graduate you can buy tickets here.

2. The Trinity Ball Guide is out today. Inky Wrists have long had a special connection with this particular publication (editing the first issue of it almost drove me insane, and it also featured Becky’s sexy review of two of Vitalic’s albums). Check out this year’s version, it’s being distributed all over the college campus.

3. Are you in a band? Would you like to play at the Trinity Ball? If you’re currently screaming YES and almost weeing yourself with excitement, then perhaps you should consider entering the Battle of the Bands competition. The first prize is a slot at the Trinity Ball. Fame and fortune will doubtlessly follow shortly afterwards. If you’re interested, drop a CD with your contact info into the Students Union Office in House 6 (ie, just above the shop in Front Square). Submissions close this Friday, 26 February at 5pm.


3 Comments on “Trinity Ball 2010”

  1. Justin says:

    How many tracks should there be on the CD? Does it matter?

  2. Justin says:


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