The Flicks present The Big Lebowski

Looking for something to do this Sunday? Get down to D-Light Studios, who are launching “The Flicks”. From this month onwards, they’ll choose three classic/cult movies, and you can vote for your favourite one by visiting their website. The film with the most votes will be shown on the big screen at their studio. They’re going to be showing The Big Lebowski this Sunday at D Light Studios on North Great Clarence St (it’s a 5 minute walk from Connolly Station). Doors open at 7pm, the film starts at 8pm and the admittance fee is €5. They’re positively encouraging you to bring your own alcohol, and there’ll be milk and soft drinks available on the premises, so if you supply your own Kahlua and vodka, you’ll be able to drink White Russians until you’re seeing double. Given our fervent addiction to this particular type of cocktail, we can’t really think of a better way to spend an evening.


2 Comments on “The Flicks present The Big Lebowski”

  1. Dave Molloy says:

    Had no idea you guys were White Russian fans. Recently watched this movie for the first time and tried the cocktail shortly thereafter. Can’t get enough of it now!

  2. […] Joys Of White Russians By inkywrists You may already know we have a thing for White Russians, see our post on The Flicks, so we thought we’d include our special recipe on how to make one Inky Wrist […]

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