World Book Day at the Writer’s Centre

It’s World Book Day this Thursday (4th March) and to celebrate, the Irish Writer’s Centre are organising a day of bookish delights, which are all absolutely free. Things kick off at 11am, with a literary coffee morning and book swap. If you’ve got a couple of books that you can’t stand the sight of, bring them along, and you can swap them for something different.

At 1pm there’s going to be an hour long creative writing session hosted by the Irish Writers’ Centre interns over tea and coffee. Doesn’t matter what level your writing’s at, it’s open to everyone. The fun continues at 2.30pm, with poetry readings by Nessa O’Mahony, Catherine Phil MacCarthy, Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill and Michael O’Loughlin, with a bit of folk music thrown in, courtesy of Caroline Byrne.

If storytelling’s more your thing, then Milk and Cookies will be doing a storytelling session at 5pm. This will be followed by  Senator David Norris at 8pm, who will perform his highly acclaimed Joycean One-Man Show. I’m actually really excited about the David Norris performance – I’ve heard so many positive things about it that I’m determined to go along and finally see him in action. So, if you’re looking for some free entertainment or simply want to see what the Irish Writer’s Centre is like, then drop by on Thursday – there’s certainly enough things to choose from.


3 Comments on “World Book Day at the Writer’s Centre”

  1. Richie Soden says:

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    • Catriona says:

      I’m not entirely sure how that comment’s relevant, but it seemed a pity to send it to spam… after all, there’s nothing as dangerous as a damaged ladder, now, is there?

  2. Pfft, I’m in work all day….might check out the D.Norris show though!

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