The Joys Of White Russians

You may already know we have a thing for White Russians, see our post on The Flicks, so we thought we’d include our special recipe on how to make one Inky Wrist style…

You will need;

A nice big glass (no stingyness here!), Vodka, Kahlua, ice, milk, and a stirring object (a finger doesn’t work unless you have really long ones in which case work away!)

Now all you have to do is;

Pour one part vodka to one part Kahula into the ice filled glass with four parts milk and stir well…Tadaa, you’ve  made yourself a White Russian!!


One Comment on “The Joys Of White Russians”

  1. Mary says:

    Love white russians but are very high in alcohol, so, drink one very slowly and enjoy, lets try and wipe out our rep as THE DRUNKEN IRISH.

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