Top Scones

Earlier today, I was sitting in Waterstones Reader’s Cafe, trying to eat one of the most unpleasant scones in the entire of Dublin. God knows who had dreamt up the recipe for it, but it had some unidentifiable red berries in it mixed in with some anaemic pale-yellow sultanas and, to top it all off, ORANGE PEEL. It was probably my fault for trying to be adventurous – I should have just stuck to the plain one, but such unpleasant encounters really make you appreciate the value of a nice scone. So here you go, Inky Wrists presents a guide to Dublin’s top scones:

1. Avoca. They’re delicious. My personal favourite is the brown scone, because it’s topped with a sprinkling of sesame seeds. They’re all pretty delectable though, and there’s a good variety. What makes it even better is that you get little pots of Avoca’s raspberry jam to take away with you (the pots are on the counter where you get the plastic knives and forks), which makes it an even tastier experience. There’s no better place to go for your basic scone than here.

2. Queen of Tarts. Although Avoca’s brown scone is pretty unbeatable, Queen of Tarts wins out when it comes to the most inventive scone category. If you haven’t tried their chocolate scones yet, do. There’s swirls of real chocolate inside them and they’re dusted with a coy sprinkling of icing sugar. Sometimes I dream about those scones, they’re that good.

3. Keoghs. It’s that shop on Trinity Street which has the strange hobgoblin outside. They do the best raspberry scone in the city. They use fresh raspberries, which means that you don’t even need jam. Every time I’ve had one of these they’ve always been incredibly fresh – perhaps the baked fruit keeps them softer than usual. The only downside to Keoghs is that they charge you extra for butter, which seems a teeny bit mean. It’s still worth it though, those raspberry scones are unreal. They certainly beat the unidentifiable rock-hard object I ate earlier, anyway.


One Comment on “Top Scones”

  1. BeckyDazzler says:

    Ahhhhh thats what we had in Queen Of Tarts!!!

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