Heralded as teenage Tarantino, given 5-star ratings by heavyweights such as Empire and The New York Times, the hype around soon to be released film Kick-Ass is to believed.Blood, humour and nerdyness all combined into one equals superb entertainment. Im not going to lie, the intense amount of gore and violence did have me hiding in my scarf at times, but on the whole this is film you need to go see. Kick-Ass is in cinemas from tomorrow.


3 Comments on “Kick-Ass”

  1. Somnopolis says:

    Not the biggest fan of Mark Millar’s comic work me – although I did like Vaughan’s last two pictures.

  2. Myrle Ried says:

    Hey, I really enjoy the layout of your site. What template are you using?

    • Catriona says:

      just a basic wordpress template that we’ve played around with a bit – it’s pretty simple!

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